4 Replies to “Hi park slopers! We need your help for our college project!”

  1. just want to tell you we will be in the brooklyn papers soon!!

    we are also in the new york magazine online!

  2. Good alternative to : No sitting, loitering, drinking, radio playing, spitting.

    However, the cutlure of stoops is that they are neighborhood-evolved, or were when i was growing up in the Slope. So I am sad for the need for a sign, I suppose. This is part of how I met many of my neighbors when I was older, as we lived at the bottm of the block where they all passed us by. As a younger child, the stoop served as teh gathering place for parents as the kids played on the block. Also, a place for hide and seek and mulberry fights. Growing up in teh 70s and 80s, the stoops were used a lot!, for socialization and safety. I continue to see this in Brooklyn.

  3. Hi Sara!

    I’m also a Sarah.
    I’m Sarah a Sit_Here monitor.
    Thankyou very much for the comment!! It’s helpful and I love when people actually find our research interesting.


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