The Park Slope Uniform: Is it You?

The Chipster lays out the hypothesis on the Park Slope Message Board:

For men: shortish hair, jeans, baseball hats, glasses, sneakers, and a distinct air of sexual frustration. No Mojo.”

For women: no makeup, frizzy hair, loose pants, new pedicure, waxed eyebrows, $300. Cell phone permanently attached, overpriced hoodies, old granny panties, recognized by her self entitled P.C. aroma.”

“I guess it’s more about what people DON’T wear. Or have…style.”

Fair? No? Everyone is the exception to the rule on the on the Park Slope Message Board

6 Replies to “The Park Slope Uniform: Is it You?”

  1. Right… that doesn’t fit me or my husband, but it is pretty accurate. It is more simply put as emasculated softy men and pushy self-righteous women. Somehow this is the fashion sense that accompanies these loving open-minded personality traits. What is it about the incredible difference between how Slopers see themselves and how they really are? I have been here for years and have known many, many, people and it is true that there is not much sex going on in the Slope. I used to show up at pre-school in a dress and make-up and a mother asked me everyday, “Where are you going dressed like that?” I answered, “I still f*** my husband.”

  2. If there isn’t that much sex going on in the Slope, why the hell are there so many babies, baby stores and baby strollers running over my feet??

  3. As a college student in the fashion field, nothing strikes me as more unfortunately accurate as this. I part-time nanny for a wonderful, young family in which the mom/wife, is extremely good looking, dresses nice everyday and occassionally throws on some makeup. When she picks up her daughter from preschool she is met with jealousy from the other uncombed vintage tee-shirt, crog, baggy jean wearing mothers. What is with this?

  4. Some of us still like to eat red meat and do things the old fashioned way. I don’t really care what other people do, I like my wife to look sexy and beautiful, and she loves it too. It’s fantastic. Right here in Park Slope. But we laugh about the same thing. It’s a matter of general acceptance and encouragement. March to your own drummer!

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