What NOT to Eat in Park Slope

Check out the Reverse-Zagat’s in action on the Park Slope Message Board:

NoNo and Tutta Pasta “use salt like it’s going out of style” …
Sette “just plain suck” …

Thai restaurant on 2nd floor at 7th and Carroll: “avoid”…
Szechhuan Delight on 7th: “just awful” …
Na Na: “a No No” …
Zili’s on 5th … “MOST horrific food ever! And I am a Turkish Food freak” …
Hunan Delight: “poor excuse for Chinese food” … “no flavor and bad service” …

And that’s not all:

Link: What Not to Eat [Park Slope Message Board]

7 Replies to “What NOT to Eat in Park Slope”

  1. Brooklyn Burger Bar makes this list for me. Burgers are always UNDERcooked and service is bad even though I know they can see me since I can see them using those damn mirrors that they have on the wall.

    Szechuan Delight is my chinese food staple – is there a better one in the ‘hood??!?!

  2. I agree! bbbar sucks, however NO NO’s is great. I haven’t have an over salty dish yet.

  3. As someone of Chinese decent I have to wonder what the poster regards as good chinese food in the ‘hood. I happen to find BOTH Hunan and Szechuan Delights excellent in the context of all the amateur crap available in the Slope. The food is pretty authentic (apart from the Americanization of many dishes which ALL chinese restaurants do). Please, don’t say Red Hot Szechuan! Like India House was in the indian food genre Red Hot barely passes muster. Master Wok in the south slope is another good one- all the rest are just ventures by some unemployed guys from China and Taiwan who want to make a buck in the states by unsuspecting westerners.

  4. There is no way on God’s green earth Hunan Delight deserves to be on this list! EXCELLENT veggie options AND tasty food.

  5. Have to agree on NoNo being less than impressive. Having lived in New Orleans and worked in a kitchen in the quarter I was excited for the place and gave it two shots. The food does not taste as though it is prepared fresh, but rather re-heated and for the price I expected a bit more care. That said if the prices were lower and they served it in a place closer to Park Slope Ale House in terms of setting, it would be more appealing. They just seemed to be overreaching a bit.

    Haven’t found a good Mission style Burrito/taco shop and tried Uncle Moes & Rachels which are average.

    La Villa is one of our ordering staples.

  6. Wow, I just remembered my “forever boycott” of the diner on 7th Avenue, around the corner from Berkeley. I used to go all the time for their passable diner fair.

    After September 11, I went in with my partner for a quick lunch and looked up at the Special’s board on the wall. What did I see?

    “Freedom Onion Soup”

    That’s right, kids. The diner on 7th Avenue stopped selling French onion soup because the French (along with, uh, the entire planet) didn’t support this disastrous invasion of Iraq.

    So, I ordered a FRENCH onion soup. And the owner/operator said, “sorry, we now sell FREEDOM onion soup.”

    I reiterated my desire for FRENCH onion soup, and for good measure some FRENCH fries. He informed me that they only served FREEDOM FRIES.

    So if you want to give money to a war-mongering idiot with mediocre food who couldn’t stand that people knew Bush was full of it even before the war started … go there.

    Otherwise, save your money for someone who served good old American FRENCH fries.

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