R.I.P. Snooky’s … Buongiorno Elementi

WTGirl writes about Elementi, formerly Snooky’s (Park Slope Forum | DailySlope.com Message Boards): “Just what the neighborhood needs–another upscale restaurant with not so great food. The pretentious name is a problem for me.”

“All the ‘regular’ businesses are leaving. How many expensive dress shops, overpriced kids boutiques, gift shops, not so great restaurants, phone stores, banks does one neighborhood need? I will miss Snookys and the other neighborhood institutions as they pack up and close.”

Another PS forum regular adds: “Another Italian restaurant isn’t sorely needed here… I liked Snooky’s for what it was. Quick inexpensive bar food, they had a nice veggie burger and house salad. It was one of the last PS bars, and it was the place I sent people when they asked me where they could go for a beer. Now I have to send them to 5th Avenue.”

Has anyone eaten there yet? Would be nice to get some actual reviews posted on this thread, which has taken a strange and dramatic turn: Elementi, formerly Snooky’s (Park Slope Forum | DailySlope.com Message Boards)

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  1. Totally agree with this…PLUS, I live further down 7th avenue and we recently lost D’Agastino’s…we don;t even have a grocery store at this end of the avenue anymore…or places to get our shoes repaired…or a hardware store. BUT we’ve got a zillion cutie kid’s clothing stores and RE offices!

  2. Go to C-Town on 9th Street between 5th & 6th – great produce/meats and a lot cheaper than Dag

  3. My wife and I ate there a couple of weeks ago. Underwhelming is the perfect description for the food, and the service was simply bizarre. Each time we reached the anger threshold on waiting for a server, the manager would mysteriously show up and say “is everything OK? Oh, no one has been by? I’ll take care of you.” The martini was nice and stiff. It seems like they spent more time on the bar than on the restaurant. I know Snooky’s was a hangout, but do they really think the typical 7th Avenue habitue is going to want to spend a lot of time there?

    While I think “mediocre Italian” is a fine category, we don’t need so many of them. Nearby Scottaditto does a much better job of the pasta based on what we had on our one visit. Then again, I can’t imagine how Tutta Pasta has survived for so long, so I clearly don’t understand what diners find appealing.

    Maybe it was opening month jitters, but I’m not inclined to ever go back.

  4. Though I realize that we’re losing some good local spots, I have to say that I think Elementi is good. Really good. The food was delicious ~ try the Pappardelle in an Oxtail Ragout ~ and the atmosphere is elegant. Try not to look when walking by at night with the doors wide open and diners filling the chairs. It’s a beautiful place, and we should want great restaurants in our neighborhood.

  5. well, I don’t know why the not so great reviews on Elementi…I think it’s lovely!…GOOD FOOD AND SEVICE!

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