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Ghoulish Inquiry — An Injury on 17th Street?

What was up with that spattery trail of blood on the sidewalk, this past Sunday, along 17th Street, between Fourth and Fifth Avenues? There were also two or three partial bloody shoe prints, and on the opposite side of 17th, a few doors down, there was a bloody black shirt. All we have is this report from simian_sam:

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All I know is it happened around 1AM last night. I just got home and there were maybe 8 cop cars flying to the intersection of 17th & 5th. None of which were running their sirens – presumably so as not to alert potential suspect.

There is a busted window in the front of Lola’s bar – and an apt building’s door had the window busted out also. Not sure if this was a stabbing or shooting or if someone just punched through a window and cut themselves. There is a particularly gruesome pool of blood about 50 feet west of 5th ave on 17th on the north side of street.

I keep looking for a story about the incident to show up online somewhere but haven’t seen anything yet.

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Postal Idiocy, Park Slope Style


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Last week, I received a letter addressed to a woman who has not lived in my building for approximately eight years. I don’t have a forwarding address for her, so I wrote “WRONG ADDRESS — RETURN TO SENDER” in large capital letters on the front of the envelope, with an arrow pointing to the return address.

Knowing that this was not enough to prevent the post office from redelivering this letter to me, I took a Sharpie and crossed out the bar code on the envelope, and I inked over the plastic window on the envelope so my address was completely covered. Then I took it to the Van Brunt post office and dropped it in a mailbox there.

The letter was redelivered to me today. The post office had actually removed the inked-over plastic window to uncover the address. Then they put a new bar code sticker on the envelope. So here it is again.

What the hell? Why are they so stupid? Why were they so determined to redeliver this letter to a place where it is clearly unwanted?

And meanwhile, letters that are sent addressed to me, at my correct address, at a house that has been standing here for 100+ years, get returned to the sender marked “no such address”? Why why why?

READ MORE horror stories (Link): USPS Fails to Comprehend Meaning of “Return to Sender”
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Backyard Grilling Rant: Choose Your Own Adventure

Scenario: The next-door neighbors are grilling meat in their backyard and the smoke’s coming into your second-floor windows. What do you do?

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drop water balloons on your neighbors.

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Next time they’re grilling, grab a nice bottle of red wine, ring their doorbell, and get to know them. Life is too short to spend it being cranky.

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Unless they’re grilling their children, suck it up and be quiet.

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About that new Tapas place on 5th and Bergen

Hungry?? We’ve got reviews… some good, some bad, some inbetween (and some comments from the owner!!) in the 40+ comments on this thread: New Tapas Place on 5th and Bergen
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Here’s a good one:


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I went on Friday night. First off, service was excellent: super-nice waiters, told us to order some stuff, sit as long as we liked, order more, whatever. Definitely liked the vibe and friendliness of the place. Good beer.

Food was a bit hit-or-miss, though. I agree with some people about the very-small portions/not-so-small prices of some things, particularly the items over $10. If you order enough of those to feel full you’re really getting into a pretty-expensive-meal zone. I guess you have to try to fill up a bit on the cheaper things, but that’s no fun. (By the way, I’m a small woman, not some giant-appetited lumberjack-type.)

Case-in-point: delicious (if a little mild) baby back ribs, falling off the bone, but $12 for 2 tiny ones? I don’t know…

My favorite thing was the breaded mushrooms… Yummy, and kind of intense so you don’t really need a bigger portion. One disappointment: the cheese plate. Not enough bread, and the cheeses didn’t overly impress. But overall i did really enjoy the relaxing experience of the place.. the music, the service, the super-nice chef came out and introduced himself to everyone, asked how we were finding things … Read more (Link)

Small Dog Playgroup in Park Slope


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My fiancee and I recently moved to the neighborhood and our very sweet but shy King Charles Spaniel is in need of some socializing! He is 2, neutered and gets along best with other dogs who are quiet (he never barks) but enjoy playing with toys, chasing, etc. We’d love to get him together with a few other dogs with similar “temperaments” so he can become a little more outgoing.

We love taking him to Prospect Park early on weekend mornings, but it is a bit far for us to go every day (we’re on Bergen near 4th). Also, there are so many dogs there it can be overwhelming for him. I don’t know if there are any parks closer to us or another place where dogs can get together.

If anyone has a sweet, calm doggie who wants to make a new friend, let us know!!!!!!

Link: Small Dog Playgroup??

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5th Ave Dog Park Nightmare

I had a terrible experience today at the 5th Ave dog run by the Old Stone House. An aggressive truck of a woman with a shepherd mix and an abundance of leisure time stopped me and my dog from entering the park, and by “stopped” I mean physically blocked the entrance, called me a “bitch”, and said that my dog and I would enter “over her dead body.”
I wish that I were joking about this.
It was like walking into an episode of COPS.
Now I’ve dealt with my share of crazy dog people before but this lady was a whole new level of lunatic. She calIed me Dorothy and accused me of being from Kansas. KANSAS!
This would not stand. Rather than face a physical confrontation with this stool sample I called the cops on her after she quite elegantly volunteered to “kick my ass.” The police were nice enough to stop by and let her know that she was neither the boss of the dog park, nor the President of Armenia.
I had unfortunately previously encountered this beastly woman. I warn you Park Slopers to tread carefully because the wicked witch may come for you and your little dogs next.
A few months back our dogs were in the park together with a few others. This woman…let’s just call her Ava Braun was waving a stick in the air to throw. My dog (being a dog) jumped up to get the stick. She was less than a year old at the time and still mastering the command “Down”. Ava yelled out “You had better get your dog off of me. I have a head injury.” Now in hindsight this should have been abundantly clear. However at the time I apologized and pulled my dog back. Then at some point during the course of play our two dogs got into a tussle. Nothing too vicious mind you, no blood or anything, just your average carried away dog scuffle. So Ava pretty much lost her shit on me all while warning me that she may indeed lose said shit. “Get your fucking aggressive dog out of here before I lose it!”
I am sure I asked her not to swear at me and assured her that my dog was not aggressive but had just gotten overly excited as her dog had seemingly also done. This just seemed to make Ava angrier and apparently “we would no like Ava when she angry”. So the pooch and I decided to abandon the park for the time being and pray for a return to a Democratic regime.
That was the last time we had the misfortune of running into Ava until today’s sorry incident. I pray that this will be the last I see of her but I seriously doubt it. Ava has a lot of free time but only so many more summer afternoons left to ruin. The boyfriend will be coming with me to the park from now on just in case she wants to get frisky with me again.
Incidentally my dog came home from the day’s events and viciously licked my feet for a while, ferociously attacked an ice cube, and passed out while I was rubbing her belly. Clearly we are both a menace to society.