About that new Tapas place on 5th and Bergen

Hungry?? We’ve got reviews… some good, some bad, some inbetween (and some comments from the owner!!) in the 40+ comments on this thread: New Tapas Place on 5th and Bergen
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Here’s a good one:


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I went on Friday night. First off, service was excellent: super-nice waiters, told us to order some stuff, sit as long as we liked, order more, whatever. Definitely liked the vibe and friendliness of the place. Good beer.

Food was a bit hit-or-miss, though. I agree with some people about the very-small portions/not-so-small prices of some things, particularly the items over $10. If you order enough of those to feel full you’re really getting into a pretty-expensive-meal zone. I guess you have to try to fill up a bit on the cheaper things, but that’s no fun. (By the way, I’m a small woman, not some giant-appetited lumberjack-type.)

Case-in-point: delicious (if a little mild) baby back ribs, falling off the bone, but $12 for 2 tiny ones? I don’t know…

My favorite thing was the breaded mushrooms… Yummy, and kind of intense so you don’t really need a bigger portion. One disappointment: the cheese plate. Not enough bread, and the cheeses didn’t overly impress. But overall i did really enjoy the relaxing experience of the place.. the music, the service, the super-nice chef came out and introduced himself to everyone, asked how we were finding things … Read more (Link)

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