Mooney’s Closing; Emergency Happy Hour Planned

EasternPkwyQ writes on the Prospect Heights Forum | Message Boards:

“Mr. Mooney received an eviction notice on October 30th, giving him 30 days to get out. Apparently, the landlord raised the rent from $xxxx to $xxxx and Mooney countered with an offer of $xxxx. The response he received was the eviction notice.”

“Seems pretty extreme – I’m sure they’re hoping that American Apparel’s good buddies at Starbucks or some such place will take over the location. It makes me nauseous.”

“For me, this is a tremendous loss of a lovely neighborhood gathering spot. It may not be the hippest or the most glamorous, but it’s such a great place to meet and talk to your neighbors – people from all backgrounds gather there and actually interact with one another. I have met some wonderful people there who I now count amongst closest friends.”

“The landlord is Lina Fang of Johore Realty – the same person (or at least so I hear) that has evicted Royal Video. I don’t know what else they own, but I certainly plan to boycott whatever takes over these leases and I hope others will do the same. This isn’t Manhattan and we live here because it’s not Manhattan and we want local business owners who actually contribute to – and care about – the neighborhood and the people in it. Mooney’s does that and this is a tremendous loss to Prospect Heights and Park Slope.” Read more on this thread: Mooney’s Evicted! (

Extra! Is it too early for a real Irish wake? Come mourn at the semi-official Happy Hour – 7 p.m. – Thurs, 11/15/07 – Mooney’s last hurrah

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