Hidden Gems of Park Slope

Last week Drunken Revival asked “Can
a town such as Park Slope even have hidden gems?” and then got the
conversation rolling with a list of nominations.  Others chimed in and a list was born:

– 7ave, btw 8th and 9th. For my money there is not a better BLT
in the hood. Plus they are open at 4am which is huge for me…

Best blog/message board that isn’t the Brooklynian:

Best ping pong game: Yes, Brownstone has some tables, but at
$11.95/hr and with the risk (or accidental, uh, joy) of backhanding a
stray teenager from the duck bowling lane wouldn’t you rather check out
Royale? From time to time they set up a table on the dance floor… think
daytime, or early Tuesday evening.

Closest thing to an after-hours joint: Royale, again. That place is
still bumping on a Saturday at 3:30… the rest is up to you.

Best Dive bar:
Canal Bar – it truly is a divey bar on a divey street
(3rd ave + President or Union). Popcorn machine, pool table, bucket
nips of MHL, Bud, and Corona. The bathroom doors don’t close all the
time, the inflatable ornaments are not for show, and the giant plastic
shark will scare you on an acid trip. Bonus features: at any given
moment the owner may come in from the back with giant try of sausage
and peppers (they have a garden and a grill), a biker gang might roll
in thick, or that one dude might fart mid sentence… there is no noise
limit and I doubt that even I could get cut off here. Seriously, good

Best doctor: Dr. Burton Fletcher. He is bearded, left handed, kind,
and old school. He admits when he doesn’t know and will not over
prescribe. He is a member of a dying breed: classically trained in the
art of family care with a wide ranging knowledge base. I like that he
delivers your fate directly, clearly and without deviation.

Best pickup softball game:
Let me start by saying: http://www.buttermilksoftball.blogspot.com/

Field 5, 4pm, Sundays, 4th of July through Labor Day and possibly
beyond… anyone is welcome. You will have fun, you will laugh, you will
pull a hamstring…

Best One Two Punch of a corner:
If Barbes didn’t smell like a French
woman’s armpit and if Collson’s wasn’t always out of whatever I might
want I’d say 9th St and 6th Ave. As it stands, however, 6th Ave. and
20th street gets the nod. Kitchen Bar is just flat out good. Nice bar,
good, small, fresh dishes… next door is BBQ or something… huge plates
of meat – like bring a suitcase for leftovers size plates, beans,
collard greens, etc… Much more importantly, it has the best bourbon
menu in Park Slope and likely beyond. We are talking 30-40 wide ranging
varieties all for $5-$7. You cannot beat this place.

Worst loss to the hood
– the Bourbon menu at Bar BQ. They’ve closed.

Best way to blow $20 – Car wash. 4th Ave. and Garfield or Carroll.
This one also falls into “best massage chair”. I recommend getting
blazed beforehand. Anyway, it’s one of those where you get out and
watch your four wheeled steed through soapy glass. While you’re waiting
on that crack team of cleanliness technicians to barely vacuum your
floor yet somehow get every penny out of your ashtray I recommend
checking out the “store”. There you will find some of the best air
fresheners and fuzzy dice along with a wonderful, coin op, massage
chair and tons of other shit you don’t need. On your way out your snag
a gum ball and don’t forget not to tip. You just blew $20. Bonus: your
radio is now blasting that Mexican station you didn’t know existed.

Best place to boycott – Sheep Station.. 4th Ave. Why you ask? Well,
you’ll have to come up with your own reasons. Mine are that the
bartender is a complete dickhead… and second, well, I have my reasons.
It’s really too bad because that place has some interesting drinks,
good food, and is gay friendly.

Best way to extend a weekend of partying – Sunday, 8pm, Bar Reis.
5th Ave btw 5th and 6th. Jim, the bartender, is cute, engaging, and
funny. Pool table, backyard, and a decent crowd for a Sunday. The
literal bar is brand new. The bars namesake, Reis, may pop in to answer
any trivia specific to the bars’ decade plus history. Also, pretty soon
they will be opening a restaurant next door. I hear it’ll be Tapas type
stuff.. small dishes, affordable and certainly tasty. Oh, don’t ask
about the “full bar tour” because it doesn’t exist.

Best bagel alternative – The Pie Shop. Prospect
Park West at 16th st. We’re not talking your grandmother’s thanksgiving
day standby; these pies are meaty and bursting with flavor. They are
designed to be easy-to-carry and eat on the go, perfect if you’re
looking to skip the bagel joint across the street on your way to the
train. My personal favorite is the mince steak and cheese.

Best Sandwich Counter the sandwich counter at the back of A&S (5th
and Garfield, I think), is money. You might pay a couple dollars more
than at a regular deli, but it’s worth it — I live and die for Il
Classico –, just-salty-enough mozz, perfectly thin proscuitto, fresh
basil, tomatoes on awesomely delicious bread. Add oil and vinegar if yr

Tuna Melt that gives you yum-tingles Ale House (the bartender gets their own nomination as well)

Best cheap shoes – FabCo Shoes — down on like 15th and 5th — sometimes surprises with great style for like eight bucks.

Best beer selection – Eagle Provisions

Best CoffeeJava Joe’s, the coffee shop on 8th St. (7th/8th
Aves.) Their beans blow away Gorilla’s or anybody else’s & the
staff are beautiful people.

Sandwich that is a “fookin’ treat”
The Peter Luger sandwich at Pollio (across the street from Bar Reis)

Chicken tacosJirasol Bakery on 5th and 22nd. Add their homemade red and green sauce and you’re in heaven.

and many more!

Try them all and add your own at Park Slope message Board: REAL hidden gems of Park Slope (Brooklynian.com)

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