Trader Joe’s Reviews Are In

As if you didn’t know, there’s a new Trader Joe’s in town, and everyone is talking about it.  A few posters on Brooklynian had the masochistic impulse to make it down there during the opening weekend.  They returned (almost universally) with warm fuzzies: “a lot of fun,” “really great” and “gorgeous” … plus the usual friend-of-a-friend knowledge about how well they treat their employees.

Is there no yang to this ying? Well, maybe one: NO TWO-BUCK CHUCK! No wine – “just the grocery store,” writes meganlibrarian. They only have 1 license for the city, and use it for their Union Square location. The other NYC locations do sell beer, though.”

Nonetheless, reviews like “large, airy, wide aisles, well stocked and lots of cashiers!” as posted by maratl2 bode well for the neighborhood’s most highly anticipated new grocery store.

Have you made it over to TJ’s?  Share your impressions at Park Slope Message Board: Brooklyn Trader Joe’s opened today, anyone go? (

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