VP Debates – puts TVs at risk

Everyone in Park Slope seems riled up about the Biden-Palin debate. Some will be constructively playing drinking games like Brooklynbound or Palin Bingo like dailyheights, others will be taking out their rage on their innocent televisions

Mamacita writes: I’m scared to watch it. I really hate Palin. I may throw a beer at the tv.” And rtraindweller, a similarly inclined viewer posts: “I‘m gonna do my best NOT to throw a forty at the TV. I couldn’t even watch 5 minutes of her speaking at the RNC. I had to shut the TV off and go for a bike ride to regain my senses. Thursday is going to be interesting to say the least…”

Underhill_MT shares another way to calm yourself down if the debate is getting you heated up. “When she spoke at the RNC I had to turn the TV off because I felt sick…Had to go outside and look at the moon to calm myself down.” All told, it might be wise to surround yourself with other people.  Either so they can restrain you, or so your beer can be hurled anonymously from the crowd at someone else’s TV.

Here are a few places to watch the debate in public as compiled by brooklynmatters:
1. Pacific Standard ( 4th Ave / Pacific St) – drink specials
2. Union Hall (Union/ 5th Ave) – drink specials
3. Bar 4 ( 7th Ave/ 15th St)
Also, there’s stuff organized throughout the city by Drinking Liberally- just check their website

Know of other good places to watch the big game?  Share them at Park Slope Message Board: VP Debates (Brooklynian.com)

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  1. Hi everyone! I was just searching for Park Slope news because I’m a slope resident and heard some crazy noises at 3am outside my window.

    Anyway….I watched the debates at home last night too and played Palin bingo with my roomate and a bottle of wine. He got bingo TWICE and I got nuthin! Had she said “earmarks” I would have been golden 🙂


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