Atlantic Antic Tip Sheet

This Sunday is the annual Atlantic Antic, the biggest, baddest and latest in the season street fair in the neighborhood. pastoralia did us the favor of sending out a reminder this week as well as some advice.  Just thought I’d remind everyone in the Slope that Atlantic Antic is this Sunday (10/5) so start planning your work excuses for Monday now.And if you think you’ve had enough of white socks and sausages (Hamilton’s street fair impression) then at least hear out Mamacita who writes: “Atlantic antic is one of the few fairs that rock, seriously, Rock bands playing in front of the bars. Lots of food: bahn mi, pies, ice cream, lots of cheap beer, soul food, pernil and beans/rice, Antiques and stoop sales everywhere. It’s awesome! DJ alien sunny .” Three consecutive emoticons can’t be wrong.  The thread contains plenty of hot picks for who’s got the best ales, best sales and where and when the best bands plug in.

So head on over to Park Slope Message Board: Atlantic Antic! ( to start planning how to spend your Sunday

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