Valet Stroller Parking at the 9th St. YMCA

booklaw alerted the board this week to a New York Times article breaking what is sure to be a hot button issue.…..artner=rssnyt&emc=rss Who needs Beverly Hills? We have valet parking right here!! Very HappyIt turns out that the Y on 9th street has started offering valet service for parents using the facilities.  Reactions so far have been mixed. Livetotravel seems to feel that things might be getting out of hand in this “Spawnocentric” neighborhood.  I just wonder what has changed over the years to have made it imperative to have strollers with temperature sensors and pedometers since the days when my kids were little.” Jamzer comes out in favor: I think the Y provides this service so that the strollers don’t clog the inside of the building. Since the YMCA provides child care, it makes sense that they need someplace to put the strollers.” And you’ll just have to stop by the thread yourself for Whatchuwant’s less nuanced reaction to the detractors.

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