A Proposal For Former Zuzu’s Site

Today the owners and architects of the site formerly occupied by Zuzu’s Petals and Olive Vine will present their proposal for a new building to be built to the Landmark Preservation Commission.  The new building would replace the fire damaged structure currently on that site at 79 and 81 7th Avenue.  belzjm brought this to the attention of the forum by posting the link to the story and proposed design on Brownstoner.com. Most responses to the design have been positive, but not all as seen with this comment by LongTimeSloper:

My problem isn’t with the height of the building, it’s with the way the front of the building looks (HATE the huge factory like windows). My other problem is with the idea of things being torn down and built anew, I hate when i see that, old building or houses being taken down to put up a newer structure when work could be done on the old building and preserve some history (not to say that this is a particularly historic building, but, I think you get my drift).

Have a look for yourself and then add your two cents at Park Slope Message Board: former olive vine/zuzu’s petal space on 7th and berkely (Brooklynian.com)

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