Cashmere Hungry Moths Take a Bite Out of The Slope

Halloween has come early to a handful of Park Slope residents who are being tormented by a sweater eating moth beast.  The culprit and damage done is described by brooklynpotter:

[The moths are] goldeny and when you smoosh them they’re chalky…i found a mitten i’d left in a bag in my closet. (i’d been wondering why they kept flying out from the closet!) said mitten was missing a giant chunk. i’m not talking about a hole, i mean a quarter of the top of the mitten was gone, like a human had taken a bite from it.

Other posters share tips on how to survive the infestation.  Cedar, lavendar, zip-loc bags, washing your clothes…but brooklynpotter seems to be losing hope: i fear this genus of moth is unstoppable.”

Who among you has the antidote to this winged plague? Save the day at Park Slope Message Boards – moths (that eat cashmere) ::

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  1. The very same thing is happening to me. Every time I would open up my dresser draw, moths would fly out. I soon found out why. All my cashmere, transformer boxer shorts have holes in them. I wouldn’t mind as much if it were summertime. But with the winter coming, I don’t need all those littls drafts on my hiney.

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