Park Slope’s Prayers Have Been Answered: Vietnamese Sandwiches on 7th Avenue

It was only recently in the Lookout Hill is closing thread that Belzjm remarked on what business should move into the neighborhood:

i think if someone with an already established brand came and set up shop there, it would be a huge hit.
like nicky’s vietnamese sandwich shop. although i think that this particular space is too large for something like that…

Well someone heard our prayers, and according to the Gowanus Lounge, the old Tea Lounge on 7th Avenue and 10th Street will become a Vietnamese sandwich shop. Hallelujah! A GL tipster writes:

It looks like something will be moving into the Old Tea Lounge location on 7th Avenue and 10th Street soon. Men have been seen working on the space the past week. A neighbor informed me this morning that she had asked them what was coming in and they told her a Vietnamese Sandwich Shop.

We’re trying not to get too excited, but realy!?! Banh Mi?? In the Slope!? Throw in some bubble tea and I’m in heaven.

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  1. OHHHHH GAAAA! I just can’t wait to bite into those delectible sandwiches. Happy Fall to everyone!

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