Self Reflexive Poster Says Slope Smells Like Pee

just me:

Is it “just me” or does Park Slope smell like dog pee? everywhere I walk I get the lovely scent of dog piss. the worst is the entrance to the park, near garfield and near 3rd st. I know the dogs have to go somewhere but geeeeez it’s nasty in this warmer weather…

Well it might just be just me, because there haven’t been too much many people seconding that notion, but there have been many people quick to blame the “cross between rancid butter and vomit” smell on the female Ginkgo Tree. Jamzer:

“It is a great urban tree, but its fruit smells like puke.”

I suppose this leaves the leading suspect in the case of the dog pee smell to be dog pee.  Exchange Gingko Tea recipes at Park Slope Message Board – Is it “just me” or does Park Slope ::

3 Replies to “Self Reflexive Poster Says Slope Smells Like Pee”

  1. Please don’t blame it all on the dogs…when I walk my dog during off hours in Brooklyn I regularly see humans contributing to this problem.

  2. I have to admit, I’ve been guilty from time to time in watering various trees in the neighborhood. Unfortunately I have a very weak bladder. But as a good neighbor, I always use a different tree. If I have to make cocky, I always sit on a waste basket in front of the park. I never, never, never poop on a tree.

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