Best Park Slope BBQ?

Such wishful thinking that this thread would reveal a long list of Park Slope’s best ribs, pulled pork and smoky brisket, but alas great local bbq remains the elusive New York dream.  thebends9 sent out out the call:

“Looking for some good BBQ tonight, any recommendations?”

Smoke Joint in Ft. Greene gets a few shout outs as not only the best bbq in the area, but also pretty much the only option.  Hill Country, Blue Smoke and Dinosaur in the city all get thumbs up, but otherwise the real answer to the original question seems to be to get in your car and head south.  Don’t get out until the sign reads “Carolina.”

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3 Replies to “Best Park Slope BBQ?”

  1. The best BBQ in Park Slope is on the corner of 7 street and Prospect Park West. The young strapping blond headed man always cooks his chicken and burgers on his little BBQ on the sidewalk. Whenever I am walking by and he’s inside, I always sample his food when he’s not looking. He is a very good cook. All I can say is yummy yum yum and the whole thing cost me none!

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