Mail Held Captive in Closed Slope Store

One would hope that when they rent a mailbox, that mailbox will be eternally accessible.  No such luck for a number of people who were deeply dismayed by the sudden closing of Mailboxes of Park Slope located on Flatbush near Crunch.

stuntvehicle was the first to make this unfortunate discovery:

“Stopped by the mailbox place today and the doors were barred…with my mail inside! Anyone esle in the same situation?”

Several people shared their frustration at being in the same predicament and at a loss for what action they can take.  dailyheights had the following info on the matter:

“I just got an email from an irate customer of MAIL BOXES OF PARK SLOPE … she says the business was closed Friday Oct. 17, 2008. She said the owner didn’t notify her that he was aware of the possiblity of the eviction:

“All of us that rent boxes have mail & packages locked inside. The Landlord’s management company isn’t corporating with our phone calls.””

If anyone has info that might help lead to the timely release of the captive packages, I urge you to stop by the boards and help prevent this scene from transpiring:

thereallawrence: “I will cry manilla tears if this place closes for good and I lose my packages.”

Park Slope Message Board – Mailboxes of Park Slope (

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  1. Goodness, gracious! My mail is still locked up and my bills are piling up. What am I gonna do? Obama help me and also please pay my mortgage.

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