Symptoms of a Bad Economy: Switching to The Y

Looks like we’re all going to have to make adjustments to our lifestyles now that the economy is tanking.  Swapping brunch for a bagel, your Bam membership for a Netflix membership, haircuts for hats etc.  sacrifices must be made.  katbka is making the following adjustment and asked the board to help okay the decision:

“Dearest Brooklynians,
With the economy being in crisis, I decided to quit the fancy Wall St Equinox, and join my local YMCA.  Do any of you belong to the Park Slope YMCA? What do you like/dislike about it?
Is it true that Food Coop members get a discount when joining?”

Turns out The Y gets high marks from the crowd, and there is in fact a Coop member discount.  Read the reviews and share what you’re cutting back on at Park Slope Message Board – Park Slope YMCA ::

3 Replies to “Symptoms of a Bad Economy: Switching to The Y”

  1. Dear Yuppie:
    The Y is full of neighborhood types of all kind.
    If you like hot young bodies, you’ll love the Y.
    If you like tattoos, everywhere and on everyone, you’ll love the Y.
    If you like freaky looking Brooklynites of indeterminable gender and parentage, you’ll love the Y.
    If you like thugs glaring at you in threatening ways when they want you off “their” machine, you’ll love the Y.
    If you like guys grunting out loud when they lift weights, you’ll love the Y. (also their cousins, the ones who sing along to their music players)
    If you like being half dressed and working out with people of every nationality, many of whom are undocumented US residents, you’ll love the Y.
    If you like body builder guys with overdeveloped torsos and toothpick legs, you’ll love the Y.
    If you are PC, you’ll love the Y so much you’ll be beside yourself.
    If you feel comfortable sharing facilities with the guys who live in the Y’s SRO next door, you’ll love the Y.
    If you like slow moving older folks with lots of visible cellulite, you’ll love the Y.
    If you like baby stroller parking lots and adorable, but very loud children, you’ll love the Y.
    In short, we are all here for you in our already very crowded facility. It’s a lot like life, actually. When you join the Y, you’re one of us (get it? like the line from the movie?) . So welcome, but be nice. We are your neighbors.

  2. Karen is one of your typical Yuppy idiots. He is asking about the gym, not about what people look like. You go to the gym to work out. How about talking about the equipment, the crowds, what’s available at the facility, etc. Typical Yuppy, always looking and talking about other people like their shit don’t stink.

  3. There’s really nothing wrong with the gym at the Y. I have no idea where Karen got that description from. There are all types of people there and the vast majority of them are not even close to scary.

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