Grocery Round Up for Park Slopers

Lizschillare, a new member of the neighborhood, wonders:

Where’s the best grocery store?”

Well, we’re glad you asked! LongTimeSloper was the first to chime in:

“Key Food on 5th Avenue-it’s far from you, but they do deliver and they have a large parking lot if you have a car.”

Other suggestions include, Steve’s C Town on 9th Street, Pathmark on 2nd Avenue, Union Market on 7th Ave or the one on Union Street, Eagle Provisions on 5th Avenue, and our personal favorite the newly renovated Associated on 5th ave and Union. If you don’t mind a longer trip for excellent produce there is always Fairway in Red Hook or if you rather make no trip at all, there’s the reliable Fresh Direct.

But tybur6 reminds us jokingly of another Park Slope option:

“I’m very proud of this group… 9 replies and no mention of the co-op! Well done.”

Yes, the Co-Op on Union Street. We love to hate it, but it does have an amazing selection if you can stand the membership ‘dues.’ Have another favorite to add to the list, post it on the Brooklynian Message Board: Best Grocery Store?


2 Replies to “Grocery Round Up for Park Slopers”

  1. I do my shopping at 7-11. They have very large assortment of delicious weenies and other fine delectibles. I always start my mornings off with an extra large slurpie and hot pretzel.

  2. i was born and raised in brooklyn park slope. went to 133 school
    junior high school 51. and manual training high school. which is now john j. high school.
    those were the good old days. neighboorhoods were safe and never had to be afraid to walk at night.

    we use to play games near the lamp post outside and never had to worry about anybody bothering you.

    what fun it was………now i am 67 years old and remember it like it was yesterday.

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