Fixing for Some Frozen Edamame?

You don’t have to be a vegan to love this healthy little legume. Edamame is a Japanese cuisine staple that when steamed and sprinkled with a bit of sea salt or tossed into a stir fry is a protein packed delight. Well we’re not the only ones hooked on it. It seems Carmen can “eat the hell out of this stuff and would love to be able to run out and buy some” close to her apartment. We know that Trader Joe’s has it, but that is a bit far away if you go through a bag as quickly as Carmen contests, so where can a girl get her fix?

Kelton Flencher suggest Key Foods on 7th and Quigley names Key Food on 5th, Associated on 5th, Union Market and 5th Ave Deli. Honorable out of bounds mentions go to Costco and Fairway, but where do you get your edamame? Let us know in the comments or join the discussion on the Park Slope message board.

Baluchi’s is in Fact OPEN!

We claimed they were opening yesterday, we were sadly wrong. However, a quick call today has lifted our spirits. Yes! Baluchi’s Indian Food is open! Free delivery in the Slope with a take out/delivery special of $15 for an appetizer, entree, basmati rice, nan bread, and their great yogurt and chutney sauces. 

Baluchi’s Indian Food
310 5th Ave. (BTW 2nd and 3rd St.)
Call (718) 832-5555 to order

Let us know what you think!

Talking Turkey Over at the Park Slope Coop

Thanksgiving is almost here and if you haven’t started your grocery list we suggest you get to it! SweetTea is already planning for next Thursday’s feast and as a new coop member would like to know how long she should wait to buy her turkey:

it’s my first year as a coop member, and i’d like to get my (small-ish) thanksgiving turkey there. i gather from the newsletter that you don’t order the turkey in advance. on the one hand, I’m guessing it’s a bad idea to wait until wednesday night to go buy one, but on the other hand, I’d like to minimize the amount of time i have to store the beast.
Anyone have experience on how quickly the suckers sell out?

Pitu, a long time coop member, offered this advice:

From past experience, the small ones go first – but even that varies from year to year depending on how many small ones the purveyors supply.

According to NYkittyNY the coop already has 3 different kinds of turkeys in stock, in all sizes. She also had a chance to speak with the buyer for the market:

I spoke to the guy there who was in charge of ordering them, and he advised to get my turkey by at least the weekend, unless I was hoping to get a heritage bird, which wont be in till next week. (At $3.99 per pound, they are an excellent deal compared to elsewhere, but still pricey.)

Sounds like this weekend will be a busy one at the coop. Do you have turkey shopping experiences to share? Join the discussion over on coop turkey talk.

Intangible Gifts for the Holiday Season?

Local artist and regular Brooklynian member Trainsmoke DeLeon is looking for an ‘intangible gift’ to give. Hum? Interesting. Tis the season and what better way to show you care then by giving present like a membership to a cultural institution or perhaps a subscription to a favorite magazine? Sweettea suggested a membership to Brooklyn Botanical Gardens while Peanuts went for a more personal touch:

Personal Training Sessions; Massage or any other beauty treatment the person may like; tickets to a show/concert; gift certificate to a restaurant

The most interesting idea came from UrbanCowgirl who gave her boyfriend his own Italian olive tree fromNudo. What’s Nudo, you ask?

Nudo is an olive grove. And part of it can be yours.
Adopt one of its trees for a year and you’ll receive all the produce from your tree. Imagine dunking your bread in your own oil from your own tree thousands of miles away on a hillside in Italy.

Want to hear more suggestion for intangible gifts? Check out the Brooklynian Park Slope message board.

Baluchi’s is Open! -PSYCH! Nope!

Though we had hoped this long awaited Indian food chain was opening tonight, alas we are out of luck. Latest word from the employees I talked to tonight was that it may be opening tomorrow. From the looks of the unassembled kitchen I’m guessing it’s more like next week. Sorry to get your hopes up folks.

Fishy Business in the Slope

Pescadarians take note, recommendations on where to catch the freshest fish are pouring in thanks to Gretel who lives near C-Town on 9th, but wasn’t sure if “that is an ok place to buy fish?” Veets fills us in on the C-Town fish facts:

I have bought fish at C Town on 9th street for years and have had no problem They sell a lot of product and the men behind the counter are constantly cleaning and filleting so assuming that the fish come in there fresh (which is a big assumption in any fish store) and are handled properly once they arrive should be ok to buy there. At least that is how I justify it. It is a convenience to not have to go to another store just to buy fish when I am grocery shopping.

Idlewild also chimes in with a few great suggestions:

My first choice is Blue Moon at the GAP Farmer’s Market. After that it’s either Fairway or the Korean’s on 7th Ave between 2nd st and 3rd (corner of 3rd).

Other notable mentions go to Fairway in Red Hook, Fish Tales on Court St, Union Market on 7th Ave, and that “Japanese place on 7th b/t 4th and 5th.” Have a favorite place you like to shop for seafood? Join the discussion on Brooklynian Park Slope message board.

Grocery Round Up for Park Slopers

Lizschillare, a new member of the neighborhood, wonders:

Where’s the best grocery store?”

Well, we’re glad you asked! LongTimeSloper was the first to chime in:

“Key Food on 5th Avenue-it’s far from you, but they do deliver and they have a large parking lot if you have a car.”

Other suggestions include, Steve’s C Town on 9th Street, Pathmark on 2nd Avenue, Union Market on 7th Ave or the one on Union Street, Eagle Provisions on 5th Avenue, and our personal favorite the newly renovated Associated on 5th ave and Union. If you don’t mind a longer trip for excellent produce there is always Fairway in Red Hook or if you rather make no trip at all, there’s the reliable Fresh Direct.

But tybur6 reminds us jokingly of another Park Slope option:

“I’m very proud of this group… 9 replies and no mention of the co-op! Well done.”

Yes, the Co-Op on Union Street. We love to hate it, but it does have an amazing selection if you can stand the membership ‘dues.’ Have another favorite to add to the list, post it on the Brooklynian Message Board: Best Grocery Store?


Gowanus Lounge Confirms Hanco’s is Coming to Town!

The Gowanus Lounge via The Brooklyn Paper has now confirmed that Vietnamese sandwich shop Hanco’s will open in the old Tea Lounge space as we reported earlier. The Brooklyn Paper writes:

The shop will have an expanded tea selection, and Ting said they are considering opening a coffee bar. But the main attraction will be the banh mi, that delectable French-influenced Vietnamese sandwich that comprises spicy pork, pickled vegetables and a mayonaise-like spread piled high into a baguette — a remnant of France’s one-time dominance in Indochina.

I love it when a plan comes together.

Park Slope’s Prayers Have Been Answered: Vietnamese Sandwiches on 7th Avenue

It was only recently in the Lookout Hill is closing thread that Belzjm remarked on what business should move into the neighborhood:

i think if someone with an already established brand came and set up shop there, it would be a huge hit.
like nicky’s vietnamese sandwich shop. although i think that this particular space is too large for something like that…

Well someone heard our prayers, and according to the Gowanus Lounge, the old Tea Lounge on 7th Avenue and 10th Street will become a Vietnamese sandwich shop. Hallelujah! A GL tipster writes:

It looks like something will be moving into the Old Tea Lounge location on 7th Avenue and 10th Street soon. Men have been seen working on the space the past week. A neighbor informed me this morning that she had asked them what was coming in and they told her a Vietnamese Sandwich Shop.

We’re trying not to get too excited, but realy!?! Banh Mi?? In the Slope!? Throw in some bubble tea and I’m in heaven.

Babeland and Lambda Legal Celebrate with Go Go Dancers and Free Drinks

Lambda Legal the organization fighting for the civil rights of lesbians, gay men, and people with HIV/AIDS, is pairing up with Babeland on Sunday, October 19th for a special night of drinks and dancing. Babeland representative LLinBklyn writes on the Park Slope board:

Join us at Babeland Brooklyn to celebrate Lambda Legal’s work and all things battery operated! 

Sunday, October 19, 2008, 7pm to 9pm
462 Bergen Street (b/w Flatbush and 5th Ave. in Park Slope) 

–free drinks 
–go-go dancing by Bloody Belle 
–10% off Babeland products 

$10 suggested donation 

RSVP (required for admission) at:

So what are you waiting for? RSVP now!

2nd Presidential Debate: The Obama vs. McCain Smackdown

Last night was the 2nd debate between presidential nominees senators Obama and McCain. In a town hall format and held at Belmont University, the face off was guaranteeing a gloves off, aggressive debate focusing on the current economic crisis. In preparation we were unfortunately unable to find a bingo card to help the debate be more palatable. Nevertheless, thanks to Flexichick and SweetTea we were able to get a humorous play by play of all the debate action:

SweetTea, “with all his wife’s money, why can’t mccain get a suit that fits?”

Flexichick, “you know Michelle wouldn’t let Barack go out like that.”
McCain looks like he’s trying not to fart.”

SweetTea, “you and me, flexi, live-bitching the debate.”

Check out the rest of the hilarity and add your thoughts on last nights debate here.

Person Fatally Struck by N Train at Union Street

Gothamist reports a man was struck and killed by a southbound N train at the Union street stop this morning shortly after 5:00am. WABC 7 provided more details on this tragic news:

A witness told police the victim was pushed onto the tracks, and detectives were investigating that claim.

Morning service on the M, R, D and N trains were impacted by the ongoing investigation that left many unknowing commuters experiencing long delays and overcrowded trains. Bookistan writes:

My child – trying to get to school at the Union St. R train – reported police activity this a.m. – lots of police cars, and the R train was closed down for at least an hour.

Park Slope Message Board: Helicopters again this morning

New College Restaurant is Now: South Slope cafe-restaurant

New College Restaurant is now: South Slope: cafe-restaurant

Well, here’s one for the books. The local staple New College Restaurant on 4th avenue and Union street has gone through renovations in this past month. They have broken through all the dim outer walls on that corner and created a lovely open space with sliding glass doors, similar to the look Beso had on Union and 5th (before it closed last year). New awnings now boast “South Slope.” Menus still lay claim to their history of “serving Park Slope for 25 years,” but from the looks of it the owner just decided to revamp the spot with a perhaps hipper name and contemporary look.

I always wondered about the name New (not since the early eighties?) College (there’s a college around here?) Restaurant, but what truly befuddles me is the new name. First of all 4th and Union is barely Park Slope, if anything it’s Gowanus, despite the hopes of Realtors. Second, since when is Union Street considered South Slope? I thought I lived in North Slope? Go figure.

Read More and Comment: New College Restaurant is Now “South Slope: cafe-restaurant” (Park Slope Message Board at