Last Night

The partying in the streets that erupted all over the city last night showed up in Park Slope as well.

MichaelKeys: “It was New Year’s and the Yankees AND Mets winning the World Series all rolled into one here in Brooklyn!”

caaahyoko: “I had the most wonderful bike ride home from Southpaw to Bushwick. The party in the streets extended all the way and my bell got a workout with all the celebratory ringing. As I passed through all those neighborhoods it felt like a sticky cloud of cynicism had lifted into the atmosphere and dissipated.”

Of course it wasn’t all roses for the liberal minded Park Slope bacchanalians.  Dismay was expressed over the various anti-gay props that were passed on the historic day:

LadyLibertine: “Don’t even have to be gay to feel stabby over that Arkansas measure. No “unmarried sexual partners” can adopt or foster children. WTF.”

Keep the hope alive on the Park Slope Message Boards – Cheering in the Streets ::

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  1. Partying in the streets? Yeah I guess we should mention about all the savages throughout Brooklyn, Bronx and Harlem shooting their guns off, putting others in danger.

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