Lousy Neighbor in Slope Apt. Building

A first time poster stopped by the forum this week seeking advice on how to deal with a downstairs neighbor who finds the time to complain about every sound she makes.

japes317: “My fiance and I moved into our apartment in July. In the 3.5 months that have passed since then, we’ve come to find out that we have a downstairs neighbor who is out of her mind.”

The downstairs neighbor reportedly has come to japes317’s door on numerous occasions and tried to get inside the apartment to see what was “going on” as the cause of the noise.  To avoid those situations the poster gave the neighbor her number, and has since had to deal with frequent calls of complaint.  She wants out of her lease and has turned to the boards for advice. hitokiri was first to offer advice on how to fight back the old fashioned way:

“If she tries to force her way into your apt again, give her a good palm to the nose…If you want to get even more childish, put some guerrilla glue into the key holes of her door lol

There’s also plenty of grown up style advice in the thread as well regarding ways someone can get out from under a lease of doom.  Only the lucky have never had to read up on what to do about a crappy neighbor, so the collective knowledge of the community has been pooled together in this thread.  Be prepared: Park Slope Message Board – Insane woman downstairs…can I get out of my lease??? Help! :: Brooklynian.com

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