Fishy Business in the Slope

Pescadarians take note, recommendations on where to catch the freshest fish are pouring in thanks to Gretel who lives near C-Town on 9th, but wasn’t sure if “that is an ok place to buy fish?” Veets fills us in on the C-Town fish facts:

I have bought fish at C Town on 9th street for years and have had no problem They sell a lot of product and the men behind the counter are constantly cleaning and filleting so assuming that the fish come in there fresh (which is a big assumption in any fish store) and are handled properly once they arrive should be ok to buy there. At least that is how I justify it. It is a convenience to not have to go to another store just to buy fish when I am grocery shopping.

Idlewild also chimes in with a few great suggestions:

My first choice is Blue Moon at the GAP Farmer’s Market. After that it’s either Fairway or the Korean’s on 7th Ave between 2nd st and 3rd (corner of 3rd).

Other notable mentions go to Fairway in Red Hook, Fish Tales on Court St, Union Market on 7th Ave, and that “Japanese place on 7th b/t 4th and 5th.” Have a favorite place you like to shop for seafood? Join the discussion on Brooklynian Park Slope message board.

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