The Cultural Joys of Park Slope

One of the notable cities in the United States lies on the eastern coast of the country.  New York City is one of the most prominent cities of the east coast, recognized for high class, fashion, business, food, and many more attractions.  If you care to reside in the sociable city, you should take a look at the Brooklyn New York apartments around Park Slope.
There are many different activities nearby the Park Slope area.  One noteworthy site to see is the Brooklyn Botanical Garden.  This botanical garden is separated into different sections, among them being the Cranford Rose Garden, the Japanese Hill and Pond Garden, the Fragrance Garden, the Steinhardt Conservatory, the Herb Garden, and the Plant Family Collection.  Each different section features a different collection of plant life that will awe and amaze you.  From the aromatic plants to flowers on a lake, to plants for medicinal purposes, to the organization of plant life as it appeared in existence, the Brooklyn Botanical Garden is a sight to behold.
Another must see attraction is the Brooklyn Museum of Art.  The Brooklyn Museum of Art is New York City’s second largest museum, spanning five hundred sixty thousand square feet.  It contains a timeless and culturally diverse collection of upwards of 1 million pieces of art work.  The range of work includes Egyptian artifacts, sculptures from Africa, and other pieces from Asia.  A prized section of the museum is the Memorial Sculpture Garden, which houses a collection of elements of architecture from around New York City itself.
In addition to the attractions above, Prospect Park is a great location for fun under the sun.  It contains the United States longest open park meadow while housing a sixty-acre lake and three different waterfalls.  Different activities include paddleboats, feeding the swan and ducks that swim on the lake, and relaxing in the fresh open air.  At different locations, one could witness African drummers, volleyball games, barbeques, and children playing.  Organized events such as concerts and movies are also held at Prospect Park.  There is always something for everyone in the family to enjoy.
A place to visit that is more theater-based is none other than Puppetworks.  Puppetworks is a playhouse that presents works from children books and fairy tales.  Since this form of art is no longer common in the United States, it is an essential part of the Park Slope experience.  Although mainly intended to be an educational device for school field trips, they hold public weekend shows to share their art form to the world.
For a nice treat, head over to Trois Pommes Patisserie.  This pastry shop sells a variety of cookies, pies, brownies, ice cream, cupcakes and other delectable pastries.  The owner is pastry chef Emily Isaac, who used to work for Union Square Cafe.  Whether you’re looking for a mouthwatering fruit pie, or a dainty delicious cupcake, you will enjoy all the treats on display.
These are five of the many wonderful places to experience around Park Slope.  The many attractions bring many visitors from all over the city and even from other states, but don’t just take my word for it. Experience it yourself!

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