Which is cheaper: Whole Foods, or Park Slope Co-op?

The observer investigates:

Peanut Butter Machine

“Whole Foods is coming to Brooklyn, building a huge new store right in the Park Slope Food Coop’s backyard. The Observer went shopping last night to see whether the coop’s mythic savings might save it from the micro-greens giant, even if it means working that infamous two-hour-and-forty-five-minute shift each month. We grabbed all the staples, headed for the express lane—15 items or less, please!—and tallied up the totals to see how the grocers fared.”

Check out the delicious slideshow.

One Reply to “Which is cheaper: Whole Foods, or Park Slope Co-op?”

  1. Please tell me where I can fill out an application for the new Brooklyn Whole Foods.

    I am a former pastry chef and would love to get back in the business.

    Thank you.
    Carmelo Apuzzo

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