No Christmas Tree for Grand Army Plaza


Well, we’ve gone from a not-as-great Christmas tree last year, to NO Christmas tree at all this year! According to the Daily News, the city won’t put up the Christmas tree this year because they are short on cash. So how much green are we talking? A grand total of $3000 would have been needed. Officials blamed storm cleanup (including Hurricane Irene) for the lack of money.

This may be the first year since 1920 that there is NO tree at Grand Army Plaza. Daily News quoted Frank Dellatorre of Sunset Park: “There is a lot of fat in government that could be trimmed … They are crying about $3,000. Give me a break.” The office of Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz says that next year, a “benefactor” will be sought to fund the Christmas tree.

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  1. The Menorah is privately sponsored by a synagogue, I believe. So the idea next year is to get private sponsors for the tree. Probably for the best – separation of church and state and all that.

  2. The Menorah might have been privately sponsored, but it is illuminated by a NYC Police generator and light set. Who pays for that?
    How was there money for New Year’s fireworks and not for the tree?
    Couldn’t some Brooklyn politician gotten a corporate sponsor for the tree this past fall?
    I find the lack of a tree appalling.

  3. it’s a shame this was so poorly handled.
    marty markowitz is usally on top of such things, he dropped the ball this time.
    the money could have been raised very easily, i would donate, the prospect park alliance is always solicating money, they are experts.
    i’m sure there will be a tree next year, but some damage has been done here. instead of making excuses they should be making appolgies.

  4. I was shocked to find , as I drove through, that there was no holiday tree on Grand Army Plaza this year. As a born and bred Brooklynite I have grown to expect the beauty of the plaza to ignite a sense of holiday unity amongst all the many peoples who make this area of New York their home. It also welcomes the many visitors who pass by. In these very difficult economic times, so many of us need something to uplift us. something as simple as a light display somehow mysteriously , accomplishes this. A few years ago, not only Grand Army Plaza . But Park Cirle and Pritchard Sq. Were beautified with holiday lights at their entrances. It was the most beautiful holiday season ever. I felt very proud of the city, especially Brooklyn. In recent years the spirit of the holidays have been reduced dramatically- instead of hearing the phrases ” Season’s Greetings” and “Happy Holidays” we’ve been hearing words more in the lines of Humbug!
    I was feeling very non- celebratory this year and chose to skip it. The loss of Grand Army Plaza (tree&lights) as I drove by as the day neared enabled me to so. that area being lit, believe it or not, would have forced me to get into the holiday spirit. Just imagine those who are really depressed as well as those who are poor, and for the re cord; there is an abundance of Brooklyn families who are indeed poor, the simple act of walking to the park circle of Grand Army Plaza is their Christmas. It is their backyard-they were denied it this year. Yet, we were all encouraged to spend the little money that we have despite the negative impact it would have on our households during the weeks to follow. We are all paying increases taxes whether it be in tolls(It cost me $25.00 in tolls alone , to visit an ailing aunt in Elizabeth, N.J. On Christmas Day), or a necessary visit to the supermarket.Wouldn’t have been nice for the city to give back to its citizens?
    Daily, I look at new expansions of sidewalks and implementations of unnecessary islands,etc. Yet the installation of a neighborhood Christmas tree was not deemed a need – How sad!

  5. Who pays for the menorah prominently displayed at the entrance to Prospect Park?

  6. There seems to be no lack of money for bike lanes, pedestrian malls, landscaping, etc. But no money for a Christmas tree.

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