Slope Versus Village (and Renting Versus Penury)

Blackoyster writes in the Park Slope Message Boards: “I moved to Park Slope about a year ago, and not a day goes by that I’m not happy to be here. This neighborhood is truly a melting pot. I have met every type of person on the street, and generally everyone has been pleasant to me. I would much rather live in the Slope than the Village…”

“Yes, there are families in the Slope. Imagine that! … My only beef is the price of rent. However … My wife and I both work in the city and we both find it very difficult to leave Brooklyn on our days off. The streets are clean, full of people (not so many tourists), loaded with great bars and restaurants, and any other type of shop you can imagine.”

J0518 adds: “I’ve lived in either Prospect Heights or Park Slope for almost 4 1/2 years now. I recently got married and, when my wife and I start talking about starting to save up for a house and no longer paying $1800 a month for rent, we always wind up at the same point: we’re happier paying the rent and staying here.”

“You have everything from the most beautiful park in NYC, a beautiful museum and botanical garden, an amazing selection of restaurants, and actual peace and quiet.”

“Yes, you will encounter your share of snobbery, but it never has to consume you. The runaway strollers, fake liberalism, and delusions that La Bagel Delight beats Bergen Bagels will have you cursing at times, but its more than worth it in the end. There’s no other place in NYC I’d rather live in, and I can’t imagine leaving anytime soon.”

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  1. Help! My husband and I want to settle into Park Slope. What is the best way to find a nice 2BR without paying a ridiculous broker’s fee?

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