Apartment Hunting: Plan of Attack

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swimbtfly writes in the Park Slope Message Boards:

“So… If you were visiting the city this weekend (from Ithaca) and wanted to make appointments to look at apartments in prospect heights, what would be your plan of attack? I’m looking for a 2 BR for 1800 or less starting in June. I can come in this weekend and 1 more weekend in May.”

“Some of the CL stuff looks OK, but nothing specifically for June (when I want to move in). I’m thinking of contacting some of the brokerages from the thread over in the park slope forum, but I’m not sure how productive (or expensive) this would be.”

“I’ve found 1 listing in clinton hill from housingmaps.com that I’m looking at on Friday, but fear that its too far away from subways for a reasonable commute to midtown… “

Advice Given and Received: Park Slope Message Boards

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  1. Stay with the near the subway idea…check out windsor terrace the nicest and most friendly neighborhood..best chances for your budget.

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