Steinhof: $3 Jevers and Schnitzel Sandwiches


Dope on the Slope exclaims: “Steinhof ist ausgezeichnet!”

“I have to give yet another hearty endorsement … after a stellar performance Sunday evening. …around 4:00 in the afternoon, and we agreed to meet at Cafe Steinhof for drinks and a snack.

“… beer was only $3 a pint, as it always is during happy hour – even on weekends! We snagged a table on the sidewalk, ordered a round, and after a few Gaffel Kölschs, Köstrizers and Jevers, we were joined by several of my friend’s buddies who just happened to walk by while we were sitting there. Before we knew it, the table was piled high with schnitzel sandwiches, bread dumplings in mushroom broth, chicken paprikash with spaetzle, and a smoked trout salad…”

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