Where Can I Find a Notary Public?

New on the Park Slope Parents website: a list of Notaries in Park Slope.

To date, they’ve got contact information and specifics on Berman Realty, Neergard Drugstore, Ansonia Chemist, Prospect Gardens Pharmacy, Palma Chemist, 7th Avenue Jewelers and Time Pieces, Accentiques Antiques, and the insurance office on Union between 7th & 8th St.

So, lots of pharmacies and real estate offices offer Notary Public services. What’s missing? We can add that the M&T Bank on Flatbush Ave. has free notary services (customers only).

What else? We’ll compile a list and forward it to Park Slope Parents.

Discuss Notaries in Park Slope. Add another to the list.

IMAGE: neon-das.com

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