Bucolic Bistro or Beer-Stained Bar?

Bern-200fifth.jpgIt’s joshb day in NY Press. After you are done reading his “little treatise about Prospect Heights and psychosis”, check out Diplomatic Fanaticism, a tribute to everyone’s favorite split-personality bucolic pregentrification-era eatery/beer-stained sports bar:

“I hail from southwestern Ohio, land of chili-topped spaghetti and the Cincinnati Bengals. In their own unfortunate ways, they’re both horrible. Yet for the first time since Home Alone was a hit, it’s October and the Bengals are undefeated. Where do I watch this Halley’s Comet season?”

“Park Slope’s 200 Fifth. It’s like Ellis Island for the sports-fan Diaspora. Vikings rooter? Texans supporter? Chargers cheerer? No problem. Every game is broadcast every Sunday. This makes for a jersey-clad, backward-baseball-hat-wearing melting pot of men and the occasional woman—not so unusual, given that this is Park Slope.”

200 Fifth | 200 Fifth Ave. (btw. Union St. and Sackett St.), Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY. 718-638-2925.

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