Brooklyn Fish Camp, Bar Minnow: Say Hello to Black Pearl

BLACK PEARL: New seafood restaurant on 833 Union St. at 7th Ave., in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Phone: 718-857-2004. Food is prepared by Frederico Duarte, who worked at Dos Caminos and Da Silvano, according to the New York Times.

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  1. I’m not a lobster roll fan (for $20 plus, I can think of a half dozen other things from the sea I’d rather have). I do like fresh seafood done right and, for my money, the original Minnow, Blue Ribbon and Stone Park excel. I don’t understand, however, how the owners of The Minnow can do so well at their original outpost and so poorly at Bar Minnow. is full of sorry experiences diners have had at Bar Minnow. My own sad story featured funky mussels. At least they took them back without question and comped me a glass of muscadet.

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