Time to Retire the “Hipster” Epithet


chippenziedeutch pontificates: “‘hipster’ is sooo 2003… Nowadays, it’s Whatever-You-Are-Currently-Into + ‘mafia’.”


“I went to the Tea Lounge last night, but couldn’t get past the Toddler Mafia.

“Going to see the Portastatic and John Vanderslice show at Southpaw? It’s sure to be filled to the brim with the Horn-Rimmed Glasses Mafia.

“I stopped going to Great Lakes once it got overrun by the Hipster Mafia.[Please note acceptable use of “Hipster” in modern “Mafia” context – Ed]

“I went to 2 Toms for dinner last night. It’s an old standby for the Mafia Mafia.


SOURCE: chippenziedeutch in the Park Slope Message Boards

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