Landlord vs Tenant (or, Daily Slope in the Daily News)

Many thanks to reporter extraordinaire Hugh Son for highlighting the saga of the tenants at 598 6th Street (see “Mr. Livanos Peeping Through His Tenant’s Collapsed Ceiling”). Hugh writes in his Daily News article:

“Brown liquid poured into Marian Tortorella’s ground-floor apartment yesterday as workers did exterior cleaning… A 7-foot section of Tortorella’s ceiling collapsed in September, and pictures she took were posted recently on a Park Slope community Web site (”

“But Livanos said he wasn’t trying to force tenants out – he just wanted to make repairs. ‘Right now it’s a doghouse and we’re spending a lot of money to fix it up properly,’ said Livanos, who bought the building in March for $1.8 million, according to city records.”

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