2 Toms: Worth The Trip Past 4th Ave.?

2toms.jpgugarte writes in the Park Slope Message Boards: “2 Toms is excellent and very, very old school Italian. It doesn’t feel like it has a mafia past; it feels like it has a low-level soldier-in-the-mafia present. The food, though, is excellent.”

“Meat (steaks and chops) are excellent but quite expensive. Pasta – I linguine w/ calamari al arrabiata (spicy) is also great but not so expensive. Yes, worth the trip, but if two people are going I’d suggest sharing a steak and a pasta to keep the cost down.”

kittygolightly adds: “Last I went, there were two kinds of wine – red and white, and both were self-serve from the fridge. I also had the best pork chop of my life.”

CAVEAT:There is no set menu, and thus no price tags, according to your neighbors who have been there. It may seem inexpensive but the prices add up in a hurry. The portions are very large, so it may be best to do some family-style sharing. digital_buffalo writes: “I went with a group of 7 and somehow our bill came to $300 and half of what we ordered was still on the table when we left – just too much food.”

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2 Replies to “2 Toms: Worth The Trip Past 4th Ave.?”

  1. TwoTOMS is Great..AL capone ATE there…..LOL
    Talking about 4th ave…Has anyone tried a Place called the Catene Deli? (th st/4th ave?

    they has the best Calamari on Hero and shrimp Parm Heros…
    Its been a staple of italian takeout food in this hood.
    since i’ve lived here for 15 years….

  2. This Place is the Best… There Sandwiches have ALOT of meat…Roast beef hero had so much meat..I used it for 2 Sandwiches..
    also the Calamari had soo much on the hero…And it fresh and tastes great..try Med or hot sauce
    I recommend it

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