What’s Missing in Park Slope?


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Neighborhood Improvement via the Park Slope Message Boards:

“I wouldn’t mind a fancy-ish gym, like Equinox.”

“Previously I was longing for a good Indian restaurant, but now we have the lovely Kinara!”

“Ethiopian food! I’d walk over to PS more often for that.”

“I don’t care–as long as it isn’t another realtor or coffee bar …”

“An In-and-Out Burger. Or at least a White Castle.”

“… the return of a real butcher, but United has been pretty good to me since the guys on 7th left and I wouldn’t switch back.”

“A soccer bar, but hopefully we’ll be getting that once the FloydNY spin off opens.” (hmm… isn’t there a new Irish bar that’s promoting itself as a soccer bar?)

“A nice movie theater. I don’t like the one on PPW …”

“A coffee bar that doesn’t allow strollers or laptop users.”

“… we need a drug store (w/ late hours) in the 4th-5th Ave area …” (Neergard is 24/7, right?)

“A decent fish market. Don’t get me started on the ones on 7th Avenue…”

“A belgian beer/frites and maybe mussels place. not too pricey…”

What else? Park Slope Message Boards

2 Replies to “What’s Missing in Park Slope?”

  1. How about some people posting on the message boards who aren’t so elitist and judgemental? That would be a great addition to the slope!

  2. For a really great gym, try the Slope Health & Fitness at the corner of Union Street & 7th Avenue. The new management there has made fantastic changes and the owner is 3rd generation Park Slope.

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