Dizzy’s Diner: Can Renovations Fix It?

Clarification: Ranjit’s photo is at least a year old. It’s doubtful the renovations going on at Dizzy’s right now have anything to do with this auto mishap.

blksafyre writes in the Park Slope Message Boards:
“Is it kind of dumb that Dizzy’s decided to do renovations now? In the winter business is slow there, which would make sense for renovations then.”
From livetotravel: “May the renovations last forever! I’m so over this place. They clearly rely on past rumors of excellence and uniqueness for their business. There are just way too many people clamoring for tables on the weekends, resulting in consistently overcooked omelets, overcooked pancakes, overcooked coffee, underwashed dishes and utensils … “
From 8thandprez: “I love Dizzy’s. The huevos rancheros with veggie sausage are to die for. That said, the place is wildly overpriced. Insanely overpriced.”
“Something tells me the reno isn’t going to help that situation …”

Brunch in the slope: Park Slope Message Boards

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