PS Mom’s Flyers Warn of Man Charged with Attempted Rape

jaha127 writes in the Park Slope Message Boards:

“I know there are alot of mothers who read this blog, so I just wanted to give you an FYI …”

“Also, I don’t think this guy went to trial yet, and its also important to remember that you are innocent until proven guilty. But this is just a reminder about being cautious…”

Read the story in the NY Daily News.

Read neighborhood reaction in the Park Slope Message Boards

One Reply to “PS Mom’s Flyers Warn of Man Charged with Attempted Rape”

  1. The key to your post is that he’s still innocent. If he is innocent–always a possibility–then the Daily News, with the aid of the mom and you, have ruined his life. I don’t think there are any buts when it comes to pre-judgement. Why have a justice system if we trample on invidual rights when we see fit?

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