UPDATE: Gunplay (South of) the Parkway

Eyewitness account in the Park Slope Message Boards from the neighbor of the victim of the attempted robbery on 15th and 8th:

jeb writes: “I was on the scene shortly after the incident happened around midnight. My upstairs neighbor, who was the victim of the attempted robbery that sparked it all off, recounted it to me right afterwards.”

“The shooting apparently took place when a couple of guys tried to rob my neighbors at gunpoint, on 15th Street between 8th and PPW, in front of our apartment building. A couple off-duty cops just happened to be driving by and saw the robbery in progress…”

“… They jumped out of their car and chased the perps down the street toward the park. Apparently that’s when some kind of gunshots were exchanged … They called for backup and continued to search for the guys throughout the neighborhood. Helicopters, EMTs, fire trucks, and tons of patrol cars arrived on the scene. Apparently in the search for the guys they cleared out Bar 4 to see if the suspects were hiding in there.”

“According to abc, they actually got the guys in there and recovered their guns.”

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