From JFK to Park Slope

Throw your bags in the air

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Ziggly writes in the Park Slope Message Boards:

I am moving my family to Park Slope (near the Union street train station on 4th ave) in a month and was wondering what the best way to get from JFK to PS would be. I will have myself, wife and 15 month old toddler. We will have 4 large suitcases, 4 carry ons and a car seat. We will be arriving at 8am. I figure my options are…

1. Airtrain to Howard beach station and take the A train in, transfer to the F take that to 9th street/4th ave station and transfer to the R to get to Union street

2. Take Airtrain to Jamaica station, take the Long Island Railroad to Flatbush then take the R to Union street. Does anyone have experience taking a lot of luggage on the LIRR?

3. Car service or cab it. I am on a tight budget and was concerned about getting a cab during what I anticipate to be rush hour AM traffic.

Any thoughts? Discuss in the Park Slope Message Boards

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9 Replies to “From JFK to Park Slope”

  1. Take a car service. The train is a 2 hour ordeal. It might cost about 35-45 bucks. You will be going the opposite route of rush hour traffic and you will have a nice scenic ride through Brooklyn’s neighborhoods east of you, which is the majority of Brooklyn.

  2. With that much luggage, I’d recommend against the train/subway option. Think about all the stairs — can you really schlep all that stuff up and down, along with your toddler? Save your money and spring for a taxi — though you might do better to call a car service and ask for a van, since it sounds like you may have too much luggage to fit in a cab’s trunk. I use Legends Car Service and they’re very reliable. Call them at 718-788-1234 and ask how much it will cost. (I’m guessing no more than $50, probably less.)

  3. NO CONTEST, bags, wife, kids? Do not eat for the next three days and take a CAB!!!!!!!

  4. I don’t reccommend this with all your luggage and family members, but for other slope-JFK trips, I take the A to Jay St, then come up to the street and walk one block down willoghby st to Lawrence. Take the R at Lawrence to Union.

  5. These folks are wise, take the cab, it’ll be $45 at most and well worth it. Generally though, the a to the air train is great.

  6. call a car service in advance to pick you up, it costs much less than a cab from jfk to ps. $35 instead of $55. don’t bother with the train transfers unless you like being miserable. by the time you pay for the lirr and subway for your family it’ll be close to $30 anyway.

  7. Call Eastern Car service at 718-499-6227. It costs $33. If you take a cab it will cost you around $50 or $55 unless the driver knows the shortcut on Linden Blvd to Eastern Parkway.

    cheapest, best, picked me up at JFK, took me home to Prospect Heights.


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