Extreme Nastiness: Pavilion Edition

Amidst rumors that the Pavilion Park Slope theater (on Prospect Park West) is closing, seven24 writes in the Park Slope Message Boards: “In 1996 the day the Pavilion opened, I began working the concession stand. Thru my time there I was grossed out on multiple occasions. ”

“The manager at the time demanded the popcorn left over at night be re-used by mixing it with fresh popcorn in the morning.”

“For some reason unknown to me, there were pigeons living in the stock room.”

“Ask yourself this: If you were the manager, and you found small holes bitten in to a sack of popcorn seeds, would you throw out the whole sack? The first time I met the exterminator I was glad when he left the theatre empty handed, until the next time he showed up and removed a garbage bag filled with dead rodents.”

“Believe me, there are worse things to worry about than small screens at the Pavilion.”

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