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  1. Speaking of gangs in Prospect Park — I was running this evening (7pm, it was not even dusk yet) and a gang of teenagers flew by my on bikes in the runners’ lane. I said something like, “Hey – watch it – what the fuck” and one of them laughed and said “hit the bitch”. Then one of them punched me in the back of the head. They were all on bikes — about 6-8 of them. I stopped a cop car and they drove me around the park looking for them. We found them after a few minutes, but b/c they were/are so young and I couldn’t say 100% positively which on hit me, there was nothing the cops could do. This is ridiculous. I run in the park 4-5 times a week — now I am afraid to run even in the middle of the day. Something needs to be done about violent teenagers/ mischievants in the park. My friends have expressed their concern to me as well before this incident — that they are afraid of these teenagers on bikes (or off bikes). Is it just me or is it completely backwards that people are afraid to use the park because teenagers can apparently get away with anything????

  2. look growing up in sun set park brooklyn i was always having to deal with those kind of problrms…
    we are here just talking bad about those kids why don’t we do some thing about it insted????
    we could satart organizations to keep these young men and women out of the streets….
    i am 15 years old i live in los angeles now because of gang wiolace and and now i wish i want to do something good to help my friend and cousins…

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