Prospect Park Is Not The Tour de France


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Kensingtonmom writes in the Park Slope Message Boards:

“Prospect Park is not the training ground for the next Lance Armstrong.”

“I really think *some* of these over-outfitted bicyclists have to get a grip on reality and share the park road. They are one group of people who need to use it and not dominate it.”

“Today I was crossing the road with my stroller. I looked left and right before proceeding–all was clear. When I got to the center a pack of bicyclists came up over the hill (not in the bike lane) and then started cursing me for being in their way. ‘Watch where the f your going.’ ‘GET OUTTA MY WAY asshole.'”

“For God’s sakes… it is a public park and I looked both ways and was crossing the friggin road! Ugghh.”

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2 Replies to “Prospect Park Is Not The Tour de France”

  1. When those wanna be Lance Armstrong’s come zooming around a corner like maniacs – do what I do as a runner when they yell “watch out” – tell them to fuck off. They are mostly men, suffer from macho syndrome and like most weak men back away when you don’t go for their bullying. On the weekends, I can run (and you can walk, etc.) on any part of the road surface you want.

  2. I am a cyclist that frequents Prospect Park. Even as cyclists I share your frustration at some of the clubs that ride in packs of 20+ under the assumption that they own the road. Most of them are in average shape and even put up attitude when getting past by a fellow riding that isn’t a member of their Tour Du France rolling playing – for what its worth. Still, what erks me, and other cyclist, is when people dilly-dallie in the middle of road without any regard for their surroundings – this includes not only walkers, talkers but recreational cyclist and rolling bladers moving in an “S” fashion.

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