That Stranger Ringing Doorbells Asking for $$/Claiming Emergency

chrislisa writes in the Park Slope Message Boards: “This is the second time in a month this guy has come to my home. First time was about a month ago, approx. 8pm. He rang my doorbell (I live on the ground floor of a brownstone on President Street).”

“I looked out the window and he introduced himself as a neighbor who was in a bind, his daughter had an asthma attack, had just taken her to the hospital and needed money to get her medication. Of course I knew this was bogus, so I didnt let him in or give him money.”

“Tonight, the same man came to my home, this time at 10:30, claiming there was an emergency a few doors down. my partner chased him away. we called the police to warn them about this guy.”

“He’s a white male, heavyset, wears eyeglasses (similar to old school cazals, big and thickisch) and had on a blue hooded sweatshirt (both times) I would say he’s in his 30’s. not sure of height. has anyone encountered this same situation?”

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  1. I also live on the ground floor of a brownstone (8th ave and president). I never answer the doorbell, but I peek through the window and whenever I don’t recognize somebody i dont answer. The description you mention is right on with a guy that has rang my bell TWICE in one week at about 7:oo pm both times. So for whatever thats worth… next time ill chase him !!

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