Pavilion Movie Theater Going Condo?

UPDATE:Probably just a scurrilous rumor. Updates from Ben and WINNERBK suggest that there has been a change of ownership, but that the theater itself isn’t going anywhere. WINNERBK says: “I heard from a reliable source that the Pavilion Movie Theater is going to remain a movie theater and WON’T be converted to luxury condos. My sources tell me that there is a long term lease with the theater and that it will continue as a theater for the next 20 years.”

Kensingtonmom writes on the Park Slope Message Board: “Has anyone heard this rumor? I know Pavilion is not the greatest theater, but I like having a movie theater in the neighborhood. Do we need MORE luxury condos?”

Here’s a snippet from the e-mail (or PSP post?) in question: “For those of you who haven’t heard, the Pavillion Movie Theater, as of June 12, is under contract to be sold to a developer, One Liberty Properties, Inc, to be turned into a condo building. It’s not clear what can be done to prevent it at this point… I called my block association but they are divided because they think the theater makes it harder to park on our block and many would rather have a residential building there.”

Brooklynpotter says this would only make the parking on 15th St. worse than it is already. He says the Pavillion has been a theater of one sort or another since the 1940s, at least:”I have a pic of it from when the buses going by were electrified… my accountant’s secretary grew up here and she performed in talent shows there. and i hear from another friend who grew up here that the guy who used to own it brought all the day old candy over to the 14th street jewish center on sundays.”

As Carnivore points out, the closing of the Pavilion would leave BAM as the only remotely walkable theater in the neighborhood. Netflix, anyone?

Rumor control in the Park Slope Message Board

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  1. Thanks for a trip back to the real 5th ave. How far have we come and was it worth loosing it all for a decaf skim latte grande, and loose fitting pair of pleated shorts? At least the park is safe(er). Thanks again…………..

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