A Plague O’ Palmetto Bugs in Park Slope

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Brooklyn Summer is in full swing!! Yavel writes in the Park Slope Message Boards: “Has anyone else been plagued by these things lately? I’ve been seeing one or two every day for the past week. I guess they must love this hot and humid weather, but I’ve never been visited by so many of these things before. Wtf?”

In some parts of Brooklyn they are considered pets, according to Livetotravel.

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3 Replies to “A Plague O’ Palmetto Bugs in Park Slope”

  1. OY!!!!! One went running past me this morning when I was sitting at my desk in my very clean home. WTF??? Thank GOD I had my feet up on a small cabinet. Scared the daylights outta me. Went scurrying under the bed in the guest room. I went searching with a flashlight and couldn’t find it (I’m not exactly sure what I would have done if I actually found it anyway). Rest assured – you’re not alone. They’re freaky, but technically not a cockroach (small consolation). Happy Summer and Happy Global Warming.

  2. Really, I love Los Pollitos, but after the rain these little critters came out in full force on my favorite restaurant’s patio. eeewwwww! Talk about ruining a perfectly good meal!

  3. Gross! It was late and I was laying in bed, (about 1:30 AM), I had work the next day so I was ready to call it a night, all of a sudden, I heard this buzzing noise, and heard a smack, out of the corner of my eye, I see something scaling my blinds, and at this point, it was dark, except for the glow of the T.V., so Im really tired on top of bad lighting, and I thought it was a spider (or possibly a small bird), and there it was, A HUGE PALMETTO BUG (im in FL, but grew up in NJ and NY) so where I come from..they’re straight up roaches!! EWWWWW, I did swat it ’cause IM tired of them invading me, and I dont leave my door or windows open, I wish they would stay the he_ _ outta my house! BYE!!

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