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Posted by frank garcia on the Park Slope Message Board:

i lived on 14 st bet 5 and 6 ave

i went to ps 51 and then to manuel training high school

i rember germains dept stop on 5 ave and 15 st

there were 3 bars on 9st 5ave

owned by a man called screamer smith

next to him was dinkys
owened by a retired cop from the 72 precent named eddy

next to him was the round town
at times they served free snacks

then there was a great stake bar called the dixie traven on 20st 5 ave owned by a man named toddo marino

as a young boy i also raised pigeons

hope to hear from some people that rember this

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    Thanks for the corrected email address for Maria. I’ll update the list.

    Did you talk to Terry about the money you dropped off? It was for five of you and I thought Carol responded for six (6). Is someone not coming? I thought maybe Willie dropped out. It better not be one of the Castaldo sisters……………..I want to give a hug to ALL of them. Let Terry know.


    Do we need dessert? If so, how about a couple of sheet cakes from Costco? Let me know.

    It was wonderful talking to you last night and for certain, it was a devine intervention. Unbelievable! Thanks so much.

  2. I remember sneaking into Henry’s on 5th Ave and 69th Street (???) to hear them play (Ralphie’s band) even though I was only 14. My mother showed up one time (I saw her through the window) and I went into the bathroom and climbed out the window and over fences in yards to get out of there and home before her. She was rip roaring mad and would have killed me if she found me there.

  3. I attended my Bother in law’s barbecue yesterday in Brooklyn and was asked by Tina Joy Fachner if I had known about Park Slope blog and the coming re-union. She indicated to me my name was mentioned. I was pleasently surprised by the Park Slope blog by how everyone stays in contact with eachother from old neighborhood.

    When I returned home I visited site and noticed people the old neighborhood.Many people I sure I would know, however I never been good with names, sorry lol.

    I lived on 19st, between 6th and 7th avenues. Many good times there.

    I have two beauitful Grandchildren, Isabella, and Christopher.

    Danny Lovaglio, haven’t heard from you in a such a long time, sorry we were unable to connect years past, hope all is well, Nancy and family. Last we spoke I beleive I was was just completing my home in SI.

    Pete & Carol, I knew they lived on Staten Island some where in Great Hills, hope they are well, please tell them I said hello.

    Mildred Romano, wow haven’t seen you in many years, How’s Margie aka ( Babydoll ) and Terry.

    Scrolling for hours last nite reading variuos comments, I noticed one from Anthony Oliva asked about Mary Hortkorn from 15st. Mary is doing well. Since I don’t really know you Anthony, I’m reluctant to give further information without contacting her and asking her permission, I’m sure you understand.


  4. hi Christine I talked to Terry last night. Again for over an hour,Iihas been so wonderful to hear from so many people from 5th ave. we realized how many people I dont remember and how my sisters do, and that is because I got married in 1968,and Ilived in Germany with my husband for two and a half years. by the time I came home alot of people were either gone, or I guess because I was an old married lady things had changed. I cant wait to see you, and your family, we actually found a picture of your mom. my sister Maria’s husband is not coming. see you soon. also Iwas thinking about ordering a large sheet cake from costco. So that is one. love ya carol

  5. Ralph Marsella
    I sent you another email. Glad you received the photos. Is your old studio on 15th Street the one Misty practiced in? Sorry to hear you don’t speak with Viggie or Sid. How did Richie die?

    Marie Elena Giuttari D’Angelo
    How are you and Jack? How are your daughters? I’ve said this to you many times at Anne Marie and Anthony’s house but I remember being at the Church the day you and Jack were married. That memory has always remained with me.

    Judy Giordano-Banjany
    My memory of Sister Ann was when Jolene and I were twirling. Our Mothers travelled to all the different schools to help us get prepared and watch us compete. We had so much fun.

  6. Ralph Trocchio, boy am i glad you got on this site. My sister n law Carol loaned me a DVD of the Trocchio’s Christening. I believe it was Louie & Margie’s 1st. child. Also saw film of your Dad, Mom and Grandma. I know we lost touch just about the time you moved to S.I. My computer crashed and we did not get another for awhile. This one is about to crash and burn also. Anyway, are you going to the reunion? You should be retired by now. How is everyone? Here is my new email address: [email protected]
    Home #518-587-3242, Cell # 518-260-7702
    Will be going to the reumion. Have to send Terry the check.
    Terry – I’m going to mail it out tomorrow.
    Ralph, Grandchildren? Damn, this is getting very hard to swallow. Send me an email. We’ll tak more. I’m still working in Brooklyn. Maybe I can shoot over your house in the morning before I head for work in the afternoon.
    Talk to you soon, Danny

  7. christine,

    you guessed right maria’s husband willie is not coming so the toatal is five carol dropped off a check to terry. see you soon.


    ps if desert is needed let us know

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