The Steam Room At NYSC


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steve writes on the Park Slope Message Board:

“One of the reasons I joined (Park Slope) NYSC was for the steam room, but a couple of guys trying to get it on in there tonight kind of ruined that for me. A friend of mine had a similar experience and dumped the place.”

“I didn’t mention it to the management but I did mention it to someone who works there, and he said there wasn’t much they could do but tell the manager, and he apologized, which was cool, but unnecessary.”

“Anyway, that’s my story, I’m putting it here to see what ya’ll say. Personally whatever the reasons I don’t think there is any excuse for doing jack in there besides steaming. It’s beyond rude.”

Work thru this on the Park Slope Message Board

2 Replies to “The Steam Room At NYSC”

  1. I had a similar situation happen in the Bronx at the Bailey’s Gym. What’s that all about? Don’t the gay guys have a little spot they can go to if they want to meet and greet?

    I really became annoyed when I tried going into the steam room (which I like to do — I like that fact that it cleans out my pores for my skin) and there I had to content with guys lurking around and leering at me. I just walked out and never went back to that gym again.

  2. Now I know why my gym requires a swimsuit or towel wrap in the sauna and steam room. I figured as much — it made no sense otherwise that you’d get undressed in the men’s locker room but have to put something on to go into the adjacent steam room.

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