DumbWhore: “A new column of interest to Park Slopers”

We just received this Onion-esque parody of “SmartMom”, the Park Slope blogger-turned-Brooklyn Papers columnist:

“SmartMom” tells some interesting stories, and she’s done some great things for the blogging community in Park Slope… but she has a writing style that some people cannot read without physically cringing, judging from opinions on the Park Slope message board:

From SlipperySlope: “SlipperySlope does not like Smartmom. SlipperySlope does not understand why Smartmom feels the need to write in the 3rd person. SlipperySlope wants to know if Smartmom is married to ‘Jimmy’ from Seinfeld.”

From Rose: “I don’t know why I feel compelled to read her blog; it is so consistently irritating. It’s just the same damn thing over and over: She lives on 3rd Street. She is jealous of people with money. Her kids went to 321. She knows everyone in Park Slope. She is jealous of Jennifer Connelly because she has a big expensive house. She is jealous of Jonathan Safran Foer because he has a big expensive house. Did I mention that she lives on 3rd Street?”

From Drano: “If you read the column strictly as a parody of the stereotypical self-absorbed, over-educated Park Slope denizen it’s brilliant stuff. And I do feel that there’s at least a slight chance that the joke is on all of us.”

In SmartMom’s defense, the venerable Gersh Kuntzman (now editor of the Brooklyn Papers) posted this on the message board: “… she is an acquired taste that I urge you to acquire. She is a rare Brooklyn talent and I am so happy to be in the position of nurturing that talent (others would prefer to resent her, I guess).”

The author of DumbWhore says, “I just did made paper copies to scatter around the neighborhood. I had to do something. I couldn’t just do nothing.” We’re not supposed to divulge the author’s identity… but we can say that the resemblance to columns in The Onion is not coincidental.

LINK: SmartMom discussion on the Park Slope Message Board

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